Virtual Visual Solutions For Events

Video Mapping

Outdoor Video Mapping

We offer a wonderful interaction over the buildings, walls and giant surfaces with more than one projector using a system that is a combination of custom software and video animation creating custom designs. Not only do we provide a third dimension for your outdoor presentations, shows and advertisements, but we also highly attract the attention of the target group by keeping pace with today’s technology.


Our productions that we implement in areas used for public enterprises, theatres, concerts, private parties and similar organizations, giving the impression that you can touch them, with no dimension limits can be mounted on any surface and supported with custom design interactive applications as well.

Virtual Games / Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, which can be translated into Turkish as 'arttırılmış gerçeklik', can be defined as the technology which adds objects such as three dimensional models, animations, films and audios real-timely on the real image in the current environment and so provides a more enriched environment.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, you can position or functionalize anything you would like to interact with in the real world, for example on the smart phones or through a camera on your computer or on a screen. We can show the created image as if it were almost in the real world.

Other Examples

Outdoor Mapping (Almaty)