Driven by over 20 years of experience and expertise Creativ has successfully completed numerous congress and event organizations of national and international scale.

Creative derives its highest pride from the satisfaction expressed generously by its clients who come to enjoy Creativ products and services.

Our primary goal is to implement the place and time management in such manner that expectations of each and every individual are considered, the community served is allowed to focus on a specific topic within a specific period, the optimum comfort is provided, exaggeration is avoided, and the highest criteria of aesthetics, rationality and modernity are complied with.

Under this management process;
We as Creativ make use of talents and experiences of the executives and employees to provide more creative, highly competitive and proficient services, securing customer satisfaction.

  • We believe in the individual’s value,
  • We exist upon principles of trust, respect and transparency,
  • We work with passion and awareness,
  • We always learn and improve,
  • We are aware of our social responsibility and leading position.