Creativ Stops – Parisii, Per İsis or ‘Paris’

Creativ Stops – Parisii, Per İsis or ‘Paris’

Paris, the capital of France, is situated on the river Seine in the middle of Paris basin. Paris, known for its numerous historical artifacts, beautiful women, street cafes, artistic and cultural life, especially fashion, is also one of the important economic and political centers in the world. Regarding the fact that some historical antiques unearthed in the city reveal that Paris has been used as a settlement for about 40,000 years, we can also estimate how natural it is.

Arc de Triomphe, Pompidou Center, Musee d’Orsay, the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Sainte Chapelle, the Champs-Elysées, Sacre Coeur Basilica Cité Island (Pont au Change, La Conciergerie and Notre Dame Cathedral), Maine-Montparnasse Tower, the River Seine and all the other things … Everything catching sight of you in this city will be quite impressive. Pere Lachaise cemetery is one of them as well because it is the eternal resting place of the famous names such as Chopin, Balzac, Delacroix, Oscar Wilde, Heinrich Heine, Stendahl, Berlioz and Jim Morrison…

Outdoor activities should not be forgotten; concerts, festivals and arts organizations …
In short, the city offers numerous opportunities for you, exhibitions, galleries, and theaters … All of them surround visitors with the unique charm of the city…

You can enjoy the unique dishes and wines of French cuisine in fantastic restaurants in the districts of Montmartre, Pigalle, the Champs Eysées les Halles, Bastille St. Germain des Prés, shopping and fashion with Galeries Lafayettes, or Boulevard Hausmann and colorful nightlife, cafes, bars and restaurants by going to Montmartre, Pigalle, the Champs Elysees, Les Halles and Bastille et Saint-Germain de Prés.

Paris, celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of the Revolution a few years ago, was named after ‘Parisii’s, the people of Galve. It came into being with the change of ‘Civitas Parisi orum’ (that’s the city of Parisiis), which Romans used instead of Lutetie, over the years. Another belief is as follows: According to Pierre Hubac and Cheikh Anta Diop, the name of Parisiis comes from the Egyptian goddess İsis because there were a lot of temples, ‘per İsis’ in the old Egyptian language, dedicated to İsis in the region of Paris. It took its current name Paris in the 5th century.

The aphorism of the city is “Fluc tuat nec mergitur” in Latin, that is “It rocks, but does not sink”.
The protector of the city is the Saint Genevieve who is believed to persuade Attila not to urbicide the city in the 5th century. . The city is also called as ‘the city of Light’ (Ville Lumiere) due to its bright streets and roads.

If you haven’t met this beautiful city of Parisii yet, it is high time to say “Nice to meet you.